Each year SNOW invites the shining stars of Singapore’s fine dining scene to prepare specifically catered degustation menus, taking our guests on a discovery journey.

Beppe De Vito’s passion for food first began to take form while he was still a child, living in Italy and working at his neighbourhood cafe. Fast forward 20 years, and Beppe was sent to work in Singapore via London by renowned Italian restaurant group Bice. After racking up an impressive set of skills and experiences from helming several prestigious F&B establishments, Beppe found that it was finally the right time to open something that he could call his own with ilLido.

Since then, Beppe has become a restaurateur who has built numerous dining destinations in Singapore, and has become a well-known personality in the local F&B industry. A graduate of one of Italy’s top hotel schools with over 25 years of management and operational experience at some of the most reputable establishments in London, Paris, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, the United States and Southeast Asia, it’s no surprise that many of his highly successful concepts still remain at the forefront of the Italian dining scene in Singapore.

Beppe De Vito’s commitment to his craft is evident in many aspects of each establishment – from the menu, to the design, service and beyond. While his entrepreneurial spirit is what allowed him to get to where he is today, it is Beppe De Vito’s hands-on attitude that truly showcases his passion for  delivering high quality culinary experiences to diners. His role as a restaurateur sees him both in the kitchen and at the front of house at all of the unique
restaurants and bars that he has created.

His passion is driven by his personal work philosophy that every detail should be catered to enhancing the customer’s overall dining experience. Beppe personally ensures that everything from the interior design to the precise placement of dishes is done in order to elevate the diners’ experience as much as possible.

He also firmly believes in the power of food as a way to connect people from all walks of life. It is this simple yet compelling attitude towards food, coupled with his dedication as a top-notch restaurateur, which shines through in each establishment’s carefully and personally curated menu. Beyond all these roles as a restaurateur, maître d’, manager, and chef, Beppe De Vito identifies most as being someone who does all these things from the heart. He is driven by his passion of using the power of food to bring joy to others, and it is this passion that allows him to undertake his many roles and responsibilities with such gusto.

Over the years, he has had the opportunity to personally cook for local distinguished guests, which includes the late founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew, President Tony Tan, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, as well as foreign VIPs, such as former President Bush, Sting and many more. He has also collaborated on multiple four-hands dinners with respected Michelin star chefs from all over the world, from Chef Massimo Bottura (3 Michelin star), Chef Andrea Berton (2 Michelin star), Chef Tom Sellers (1 Michelin star), and world-renowned Chef Tetsuya Wakuda.

In 2017, Beppe was recognized with the title ‘Innovative and Bold Restaurateur’ by Gastromonth organized by Robert Parker, and his private kitchen Braci received its first Michelin star.