SNOW 2015


Chef David Thien - PortraitBorn in France, Chef Thien grew up in an epicurean family and trained in traditional French cuisine. He developed a penchant for spicing his creations with nuances from his Chinese Creole ancestry, and worked for over 15 years at Michelin-starred restaurant in Britain, France and Singapore, where his cuisine was a fascinating and exotic voyage of discovery.

Chef David Thien - Mood

Upon joining Singapore-grown luxury tea brand TWG Tea in 2015, his passion for innovation was channeled into developing a unique and novel tea-infused savory cuisine. Exploring the colors, aromas, textures and flavors of a myriad varieties of tea, he is transforming tea gastronomy into a novel exploration of an age-old treasure spiced with a twist of originality to the delight of tea and food enthusiasts everywhere.


“I am truly honoured to be involved in this meaningful cause as I believe it’s a great opportunity to be able to express my creations through tea gastronomy, and be part of a legacy of chefs who has paved the way towards creating a better environment for women and girls everywhere.

In my eyes, the world in which we live does not discriminate against race, religion or gender and I hope that my small contribution to UN Women will ultimately create a positive change for communities around the world.”