Ivan Brehm

SNOW 2017

Best known for propelling The Kitchen at Bacchanalia in Singapore to its first ever Michelin Star in 2016, Ivan Brehm returns to our shores as Chef/Owner of his first ever restaurant, Nouri. The Brazilian native has also worked in some of the best kitchens around the world including Per Se in New York, Hibiscus in London and Mugaritz in the Basque Country. In 2008, he joined Heston Blumenthal where he was Development Chef at his Experimental Kitchen at The Fat Duck for 4 years.

With a mixed heritage of Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Lebanese, and Syrian, Ivan has developed a cuisine as eclectic as his own lineage. From cooking the food of his mentors, he now explores a unique and distinctive culinary voice; one that is constantly evolving and inspired by his continued travels, experiences and observations. His menu at Nouri frames this global perspective and integrates influences from around the world seamlessly to produce plates that are both creative and original. Affectionately referred to as “Crossroads cooking”, Ivan uses food as a medium to showcase the similarities and universal touchpoints we all share, irrespective of our background.

Food is a means to highlight our shared traditions and history. Ivan hopes that guests will also explore a sense of the familiar when encountering novel ingredients, techniques or food preparation on his plates. His dishes, while distinctive, are rooted in flavours that continue to resonate with diners here.

As Chef/Owner, Ivan’s role has extended to beyond just the kitchen. In addition to training and menu design, he takes pride in conceptualising everything from the design of the space to sourcing for the restaurant’s crockery and handmade ceramics. Collaborating with local based designer Akita Kita, Nouri was created as a space where both chefs and diners are active participants in the dining experience. With this in mind, a stunning Chef’s table sits at the heart of the restaurant and serves as the stage for where interaction, elaboration, plating and consumption takes place.

From the food to the interior, Ivan aims to create a dining experience that not only tells a story but re-establishes a sense of community and human connection to the fine dining scene. Similarly, he also hopes to also foster this community within his team. To him, food and a better dining experience is not just about one person – it is a web of connectivity that prioritises process and product over the individual chef.