SNOW 2013

David Nicolas Senia

Executive Chef of Capella Singapore, Chef David Nicolas Senia has been cooking culinary delights around the world for over two decades. Chef David Nicolas Senia began his illustrious career in 1988 with culinary stints at some of the best hotels and restaurants in France including Grand Hotel St. Cyr Les Lecques and the Michelin Starred Chateaux Ezain Nice, France. Throughout his years of experience, Chef Senia has his skills of culinary excellence by and blending the best of eastern and western flavours. He believes in drawing inspiration from new experiences with the local flavours and ingredients and blending it with the various techniques acquired from his stints around the world.


“Coming from a family with a strong matriarchal figure, I have always respected women and the inner strength they exude. It frustrates me no end that many women around the world are routinely and systematically subject to violence and abuse. I am excited to be part of this event which works to raise awareness and funds to empower women and protect them from violence in their communities.”